i fail at blogging, despite the constant chatter in my head. Perhaps the writing course will change all of this.

Each day i wake with a song in my head. i’m beginning to wonder if the songs that are chosen are meant to be clues to my emotions for the day.

today, i have a song from the movie/show Once. It’s more the tune that is in my head. Still, it’s there, there on repeat.

not sure what i’m to do with this song.


My wants

I want…..
*To have a following, although that means writing. And I’m not doing so swell on that. Need to fix that.

*To accomplish

*To do at least 2 writing prompts a month

*To start writing my blog ideas down–like an ed cal–so the writing isn’t so daunting.

*to embrace the fear and the ugly thoughts

*to have a practice (why can I never spell that word correctly??)

I think that is it for now….