I’m only publishing something because I want to be in the habit of writing, at least twice a week. But really… I got nothing. Here are true random neuron firings….

*Good news yesterday. CEA levels are down….a lot. But the race is not even close to done. So, that kinda sucks. I mean, really. How long will people be up for all of this? This thought scares me. 

*Need to work on the concept that I’m wired a certain way (to be anxious). Need to find acceptance in that. 

*Need to feel productive. 

*So happy that there won’t be detailed discussions about food.

*Watching Glee last night and I so want Heather Morris’s body. Love the muscle tone. 

*I have a friend who works in the ‘industry’. She doesn’t know my news. I’ll tell her at some point. I’m waiting because we don’t really talk all the time but more importantly, I so want to play the cancer card to meet a celeb or two. Just don’t know who and feel like until I know–I’ll wait. How shallow does that make me sound?

*The weather here is amazing. It makes me happy and feel like I can accomplish anything. 

*I smell. 


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