And it begins

I’ve been wanting to blog for awhile. There are things I want to talk about that go beyond, what I post on FB. Plus, my therapist said I should. I love her.  And then I stumbled upon the Writing on Edge community. And I want to take part in the prompts–another reason to blog presented itself.


Then two weeks ago, my life changed course. I went to the doctor thinking I was being a worrier, at worse some really bad hemorrhoids (pleasant, I know) and it turns out I have colon cancer. Crap. Literally and figuratively. While, I have a site that is keeping friends updated. I feel like I need another outlet.  There I just want to stay to the facts, with a touch of humor. Here, well, here I want to explore this journey. Good, bad and ugly.

That said, there is more to me than this diagnosis. I’m a mom, wife, friend, daughter. I live a charmed life. And I’ll be damed if cancer is going to change that.

My husband is very concern with me sharing to much on the interwebs. So, I’ll refer to him as ‘my light’ or husband. We also have a child and I’ll refer to the child as ‘my heart’. Me, I’ll go by Beatrice. More on that later.




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